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Thetford Gas Hob / Stove - Replacement Knob

In my camper we run a Thetford Gas Hob / Stove with 3 burners. One of the knobs got severly damaged by contact with a hot pan. I would have assumed that the knobs are kind of heat resistent.

Then I found out that replacement is difficult to obtain (at least here in Germany) and expensive. The Bay is full of replacement knobs for the 6 mm axis - but guess what the orientation of the thetford knob is 90° rotated. So with this cheap replacements you would never be sure at what "speed" your gear is cooking.

So I decided to print a replacement myself, the most heat resistent filament I had was Ultimaker Transparent Nylon. As soon as my black nylon arrives I'll give it a print!

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