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Parametric snap case for FreeCAD

A box with very nicely and firmly fitting top lid for electronic circuits.

The design is based on a video from Adafruit:

I'm not using Fusion 360, so I've designed my own version for FreeCAD 0.17.

In the spreadsheet of a design you can set various parameters:
- outer size of a box
- wall thickness
- roundness
- bottom and top thickness
- size and number of clips (must be 2 or more)
- top lip wall thickness
- clearance (i.e. gap for proper fit)

Two examples are provided as .stl files:
- a 10 miuntes print 30x20x10mm
- a 30 minutes print 60x40x10mm

Top and bottom are separate bodies, designed only with Part design workbench, so it is easy to add further details to the design, such as holes, supports etc.

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