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Terraforming Mars Game Box Organizer

This is my take on Roborov's box organizer for Terraforming Mars.

I wanted to be able to include (lpvezina's player mat overlay)[], itself remixed from (aimfeld's player mat overlay)[].

Printing two of the large boxes and five of the small boxes, with their respective lids, and two of the game board spacers, along with the card and token holders from the original design will allow five of the player mats with grids to sit on top of the large boxes nicely positioned in the box. The game board will then sit on top of the player mats with grids and the small boxes, with the spacers in two corners (see pictures).

I imported the design into Sketchup to make the modifications, and have included the .skp files as well as the modified .stl files. Modifications include the following:

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