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Lens Caps for Hilger and Watts TA130-1 Autocollimator (Vase Mode)

Got an autocollimator with no lens caps? Not any more!

I wanted to protect the optics on my new to me Hilger and Watts TA130-1 so I made these! Took a few attempts to get the fit right so I'm uploading them here just in case anyone needs them! (Print in vase mode! They're solid cylinders otherwise!)

What's an Autocollimator?
It's a telescope for measuring angles! They're really precise and versatile, as long as the lenses aren't messed up from being kept without a lens cap!

How did I design this?
I measured the parts the caps should fit on as 38.14mm for the front lens tube (1 1/2in) and 30.60mm for the eyepiece (a hair over 1 3/16in??) and for my ender 3 with stock nozzle, standard quality using Filamentum crystal clear pla I found an outer diameter of (lens tube or eyepiece) + 0.9mm gave a fairly solid press fit. If your autocollimator has different sized bits, this could be a good starting point (perhaps even for a theodolite, a dumpy level, heck even a generic telescope for looking at stars! If your diameters change much you might need to scale the tolerance a bit).

What's vase mode?
This is a setting in your slicer which only prints the bottom of the model plus a single pass of the outer wall. In Cura it's called "spiralise outer contour" and it's in the special modes section!

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