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Raspberry and Raspicam mount for Ultimaker 2

A mount for a Raspberry case.

The one is used is:

Print one of each STL to complete (for left version choose Left Hanger, for right version choose Right Hanger)

I found it better to be mounted on the left front side of the printer.

The mount can be flexed a bit to be attached on the case (it shouldn't break). I used the following settings for all the part:

0.2mm layers, 0.8mm shell thickness, 24% infill.

You will need a couple of M3 screws and Nuts (i used 12mm screws).

The arm for the camera can be moved in order to find the best position to take timelapses.

If you need to created different arms:

Screw holes are 3.2mm, height: 3.5mm width: 10mm

There is a version remixed for the UMO:

Thanks to the remixer ;)

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