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Spindle View Dust Shoe for 64mm spindle

I got tired of manually vacuuming up aluminum shavings.  I also wanted to see what the spindle was cutting, so I designed this simple dust shoe.


You'll probably have to drill out the holes for the LEDs, just make sure you don't go all the way as there is a stopper at the end to keep the LED in place.  If the LED's don't fit you may have to ream out the 5mm portion after the stopper as well.  Same goes for the endoscope.  It should be a friction fit.

Wiring up the LED's should be very simple.  Wire them in series.  Calculate your resistor value with this online tool:   

Then simply wire this to your power supply and you're done.

Once you cut the skirt, place the dust shoe on the spindle, then wrap the skirt and ziptie it on.  The ziptie holds the skirt on, but also helps to hold the shoe on the spindle.  

And Youmagine is corrupting my .dwg files.  D:

I uploaded .step files for you to play with.  :D

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