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Printrbot 1405 XL Tower. Printable STL Version

Complete Printrbot XL Tower for 1405 Maker's Edition Simple Upgrade, Converted from the original laser-cut DXF to a printable, Water-tight STL files.

I bought my XL-Tower the day they released it, The earlier version, it did not contain the tower-top Spool Holder. So I converted the entire pattern so you can Print the parts you need or even customize it.

Printrbot released lasercut DXF drawing file, but we need converted STL to be able to print any of those parts. The originals are not water-tight drawings into printable stl, so they have to be drawn from scratch.

The original DXF can be found at

They are drawn specifically for printing. All the tabs are drawn slightly smaller than the holes they fit into. It is a nice, tight fit and first layer squish may have to be filed off to fit. Screw and nuts are drawn for the original 3mm hardware to be used.

I have no problem fitting parts that are printed at 2 perimeters, 0.4mm nozzle and .25 mm layer height (30% infill. Infill before perimeters.). If you use 3 perimeters or heavy layers, you may need to edit the files or do some drilling and sanding to fit the parts. the thickness of the pieces are rendered at 5.6 mm thick. They fit nicely with printrbot's original 6mm wood.

Tip: larger Pieces, Use less infill to reduce required filament. Maybe you can even edit the parts to be 5mm thick

The largest piece (Left Wall) requires a print area of 338mm x 142mm
The file "10x15.STL contains 10 pieces of the "15.STL" that is required to build this kit. If you use it, you won:t the "15.STL" file. Print one of each remaining STL files. If you need assembly instructions or a list of the required Hardware, Check the original 1405 XL tower instructions at Printrbot's site :

It is still a work in progress (I'm a beginner at cad and computer drawing), so there may be errors. Please let me know so I can correct them.

A lot of work went into these files so please do share, edit, alter and enjoy, but also give credit for others work as well.



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