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Z-level finetuner for Ultimaker

this block makes adjusting the Z-level for the printbed endstop more accurate and stable


The stepfile includes the complete assembly for reference!

-Remove Z-endstop
-put in 3 nylock M3 nuts in the block according to the drawing.
-put the switch in the block 
-take out the left Z-rod
-drill a hole in the top, you should measure the exact location
-put in a M3 x 30 or longer with a washer, then add a washer + nylock nut from inside to fix the long screw in vertical direction. Tighten until it still turns but not moves up and down.
-screw the switch to the backplate with 2 M3 x 20+2 washers, until it is fixed, but still able to move up and down
-place left Z-rod back
-screw the long M3 in the block to finetune Z-height.
-optional: Once adjusted, tighten the screws on the backplate

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