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Parametric Timing Belt Generator

I have been tinkering with some alternative ideas for transmitting mechanical power to the hot end of my Ultimaker, and I wanted to try different belt types for it. Not having a big budget to buy belting, but a spare spool of Taulman 618, inspired me to expand on a belt generator module by DoomMeister and a tooth library by Droftarts.

The module now prints straight segments, closed loops, and coils of belting in the following tooth profiles: MXL, T2.5, T5, T10, GT2_2mm, GT2_3mm, GT2_5mm, AT5, HTD_3mm, HTD_5mm, HTD_8mm, 40DP, XL, and L. I provided middle of the road defaults for backing thickness and belt width for each profile, but the defaults can be overridden. The rendering time in OpenSCAD seems to be a function of the number and complexity of teeth, and the print layout, and the times increase exponentially after a point.

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