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UM2 Feeder - SP3D Version

Modified version of Takei Naodar's feeder, which was a modified version of iRoberti"s feeder.

-Added indicator so you can see what you're tension is set to
-adjusted tension settings, zero tension is now possible up to full spring max tension.
-revised outer casing at rear for 2 screws instead of 3, as well as made it symmetrical.
-adjusted some tolerances
-2 designs, one with stock tension screw and nut, another with socket cap screw and square nut.

Step-by-step instructions included

While not a quick change feeder, this is a workhorse feeder. It is simple and just keeps working, period. It will feed flexible filaments, no problem. It has a huge range of tension adjustments for a wide range of filament diameters and types.

Lots of credit to those guys for a great starting point in a reliable feeder design.
Here are the links to their pages
Takei Naodar -
iRoberti -

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