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GeoCache Puzzle Container

Print at any layer height (I recommend 30-80% of your extruder nozzle diameter), without supports.

To retain full functionality of the maze mechanism, please do not scale below 30% of model as downloaded from here.

I have not printed at above 100% scale of model as downloaded from here, but imagine it will function well regardless of increased scale of any factor.

Model was created from scratch using only Rhino 5, Rhino file (version 4 and 5 .3DM format) included.

Twist, push, and pull your way in and out of this container! Includes retention for both a log paper, and a normal pencil/pen.

NOTE: If your pen/pencil falls out of the holding tube, and into the lid, while the lid is partially off, but not completely, you may lock yourself out of the container for good. Navigation of the maze requires the lid to be pushed in once it is extended, to complete the maze, and remove the lid. If the pen/pencil lodges in such a way that it blocks the lid from being pushed in, you may need to vigorously shake to dislodge.

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