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4 inch vent hose flange

I'm using a dryer hose to vent cool air and fumes from my low-end paint booth to the outside, and needed a 4-inch tube to channel the air. I picked flexible dryer hose (which I think is only sold in aluminum in the US now). My hose came with screw-tightened end clamps.

The hose fit is just a little loose - I recommend maybe 101% or 102% sizing if you want a more snug fit.

I'll be taping this flange to thick plastic drop cloth for my paint booth with shipping tape. You could probably drill the corner areas if you needed a stronger attachment to something solid, maybe caulk or adhere with RTV silicone.

I will NOT be venting heated air, so have not tested it with heat from an actual clothes dryer.

Use caution in hot-air situations - dryer exhaust can get VERY hot, and this may not hold up, especially on the close-to-the-dryer end. If you printed in PLA, I'd assume it would NOT hold up to heat.

Assume that 3D-printed ANYTHING for the purpose of exhausting a heated clothes dryer will not satisfy your local building codes, nor your homeowner's insurance, until you know different.

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