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Differential Planetary Gearbox

Sources are available at

- Companion extruder soon to be available at

- Fits either a Nema 17 or Nema 14 motor.

Four variations are provided:

- gearbox_printed_sun_105.stl - Printed sun gear, 10mm (105ZZ) drive shaft bearing.

- gearbox_printed_sun_115.stl - Printed sun gear, 11mm (115ZZ) drive shaft bearing.

- gearbox_metal_sun_105.stl - Metal sun gear (See BOM), 10mm (105ZZ) drive shaft bearing.

- gearbox_metal_sun_115.stl - Metal sun gear (See BOM), 11mm (115ZZ) drive shaft bearing.

Note: Assembly is fairly configurable, so the BOM is more of a guideline than anything else.

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