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Logitech C500 Webcam Mount

When I designed the Robo 3D R1+ Bump Guard I included a provision to be able to mount other things to it, chief among the possibilities being a webcam for use with OctoPrint. I have used a Logitech C500 for this purpose for some time, in conjunction with my Logitech C500 Tripod Adapter.

This mount is specifically designed to allow the Logitech C500 to rotate about its central axis through a little more than about 50 degrees. However, the mount should accomodate any webcam that can be mounted using a standard 1/4-20 threaded boss. In addition to the bump guard this mount should also work with any tripod or camera mount providing a 1/4-20 threaded stud.

This design also includes a 1" spacer, which can be stacked to raise the camera to the desired height (in 1" increments).

My existing C500 tripod adapter design will work with this mount, but this design does include a modified version of that adapter. The modifications include an indexing / anti-rotation protrusion as well as a bottom that is curved to match the mount.

I have included the .skp file, including all components, as well as .stl files for each component.

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