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Eggfinder Apogee mount for Estes Pro Series II 9703 Argent

This deployment altimeter mount places an Eggfinder Apogee atop the 2.5-to-2-inch transition of the Estes Argent. To attach the mount, you'll need to remove the top of the blow-molded transition, and attach with small counter-sunk flathead screws (or adhesive if you have one that will do the job)

The Apogee mount includes a slot for the 1C 3.7v LiPo that EggFinder sells, and a couple of hasps for feeding a twist-tie or small zip-tie to keep the LiPo in place.

On the 2.5-inch side, you can drill a couple holes for 4mmx6mm plastic rivets to mount the charge connector terminal mount. Alternatively, you can just run a straight pigtail down through the transition and twist the charge wires to the pigtail.

Note that you'll need to vent the payload compartment to allow the Eggtimer Apogee to sense the ambient air pressure at altitude.

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