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The TomTest

This is my standard test part, which most challenges you'd face in your prints. These include:

- Bridges from 10 to 80mm
- A couple 4mm holes for sizing in all orientation
- Two gear-like profiles, which are sensitive to curling issues
- Overhangs from 0 to 90°
- Solid top surfaces
- Solid horizontal surfaces
- Solid sloped surfaces
- Pins from 1 to 10mm
- Horizontal size references in 5mm (end block), 50mm and 90mm
- Vertical size reference in 5mm and 10mm
- Sharp corners for ringing issues
- Rounded corners for "jerk" testing
- Prints on top of the bridge for bridge quality testing
- Detailed text in various font sizes
- Bed adhesion test (end block)
- Long travel moves for retraction testing

All that while using less than 10g of filament.

As seen here:

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