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Atari CX10 CX40 Retro Joystick remake from Arcade Parts

The Atari 2600 was my first games machine and so the CX40 was my first joystick and it survived long enough to be used with my ZX Spectrum and C64. I loved that hunk of plastic but I knew even then that it wasn't the best joystick out there, so after 40 years and the purchase of a 3D printer, here is my remake of the CX40 with whatever quality level of arcade parts you want to house in it.

I admit, I have a cheap sanwa clone joystick installed and it feels good to me. Maybe it's the rose tinted nostalgia glasses blinding my view but I hope it brings a smile to some other players out there. Now you will have to excuse me as I have this strong desire to play some Battlezone, Empire Strikes back & Wizard of Wor on the old 2600 pixel pusher...

_4410H means: 4 top layers, 4 bottom layers, 10% infill and H is Hex infill.
_445L means: 4 top layers, 4 bottom layers, 5% infill and L is Line infill.
_Mrd means: Mirrored, if you prefer the fire button to be on the right hand side.

Update (31/03/2022): Added a cover update incase your joystick stem screw scrapes on the cover also another stick size variant - fits tightly.

Joy_cx40_cvr_v24_4410H - now has a circular indent to stop screw scrape.
Joy_cx40_cvr_v24_Mrd_4410H - mirrored version of above.
JST_cx40_stick_ALT2_4410H - If stem shaft is 33.5 x 8.7mm (not inc. screw top)

Update (25/03/2022):
I noticed putting one together that not all Sanwa joystick clones are built to the same specs so I uploaded an alternate stick to help with the issue.

JST_cx40_stick_v19_4415H - If stem/shaft is 37 x 9mm (not inc. screw top)
JST_cx40_stick_ALT_4415H - If stem/shaft is 35 x 8.8mm (not inc. screw top)

If update files aren't showing up then you can get them individually here:


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Here's a non-affiliate ebay link to the type of cheap and cheerful Sanwa clone I use:

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Aquila X2



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Filament material:



The Sanwa clones mounting plate screws (x4) are what you use to screw the joystick into the housing, so dont lose 'em!

Links to wiring information regarding the 9 pin D plug, used commonly with retro computers:


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