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Nozzle Holder for 2020 Extrusion

I frequently change nozzles on my large format printer. So I wanted easier access to my nozzles out at the printer. I designed this nozzle rack which bolts to the 2020 aluminum extrusion on the side of my printer. For my version I embossed the nozzles sizes into the print for easier identification.

I have included the native Solidworks 2018 file. But I also converted the file to STEP for easy import into your cad package of choice if you want to modify it. I also included a smaller version with 10 nozzle locations, and an XL version with 16 nozzle locations. I also have STL/STEP versions with and without the embossed sizes since I am sure there are people with other combinations of nozzles than me.

I hope you can find it useful. Please feel free to modify, hack, reshare as you see fit.

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