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Tensegrity Phone Stand

The phone stand is based on the Tensegrity Planter
using the same stepped pyramid wave design and five wire attachement which is held together with wire/thread under tension.
The wires are held in place with screws.
The rest is angled to allow viewing whilst in the stand.
A cut out is placed at the bottom centre of the rest allowing the phone to be plugged in during use and/or whilst charging.
The stand consists of three main parts the base, arm and rest which are 3d printed.
For assembly the arm is pushed into the slot in the rest, it is designed for a push fit therefore no glue is required.
The two wires at the back (160mm each), are attached first followed by the centre wire (55mm), then the two front wires (55mm each). Hend in place with M2 x 5mm self tapping screws.
The wire/thread is 0.4mm in diameter.

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