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U2 Bowden to Mesh Cable Clip

I replaced the black plastic mesh and black shrink tubing around the cables going to my Ultimaker 2 hot end gantry with white versions of both.  Now that I had all that white goodness, those original black bowden-to-mesh-cable clips were an eye sore!  Measured one, modeled it in Sketchup and it came out perfect!  Now you can have any color/material you like for your clips.

I printed mine with Faberdashery's Architect's Stone. The color blends nicely with the slightly different shades of white of the other materials. Love the color of that filament! I should have taken a close up photo of a print that came out much nicer. The first image above is flipped upside down and wow!, my first layer was pretty under-extruded!

Anyway, the two open circles 'snap' onto the bowden tube just as tightly as the original. I'm very happy with my first YouMagine contribution :)

Update:  Having an enclosed print area is bad for PLA parts.  The ambient temps when printing ABS is too high and the clips all melted.  I have since reprinted them in ABS and everything is fine.

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