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Super slim filament stand

I made a beautiful slim filament stand with elox coated aluminium pipes, bearings and some PETG.

I choose alu pipes instead of pvc ones so that they won't sag over time, and also I didn't print them, because printed ones are not round enough and would block the movement of the roll.

There are three different 3d printed parts that you need to print:
- 2x side
- 4x pipe end plug
- 2x connecting beam

Besides 3d printed parts you will also need:
- 2x alu pipes: length 86mm, outer diameter 20mm, inner diameter 18mm
- 4x bearings: outer diameter 13mm, inner diameter 4mm, width 5mm
- 4x plastic/wood screws 3mm by 10mm
- 4x screws M4 12mm hex screw head
- 4x M4 nuts

Rough depiction of assembly is shown in one of the pictures. Pipe plugs need to be inserted into alu pipes (no need to glue them if they fit tight enough). Then, bearings have to be attached to the sides using M4 screws and nuts. Then, beams have to be secured to one side with 3mm screws. Then, pipes with plugs should be pushed onto the bearings of one side, the other side as well and then attached onto the beams with 3mm screws.


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