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Z-Axis and Print Bed for Core-XY 3D Printers with FreeCAD Source

Light-weight print bed gimmick for core-xy 3D-printers: Not eccentric nuts but elastic deformation fit wheels to an aluminium 2040V profile as a z-axis.
A T8 2 mm pitch 8 mm lead nut is also 3D-printed.
Vaseline may be a good lubricant between the lead screw and PLA nut.

I designed it for my DIY 3D Printer project.
Change parameters and everything with FreeCAD for your printers!
An example of parameter: distance between the aluminium 2040V profile surface and the center of lead screw, 21 mm.


SHA 256 checksums:
5dfbd7f9e3307f42da8283f20696a559661a82d04f17f7b360a10813b5d658f3 guide.FCStd
d1b374343ebbbdbe99f2032bde09b173c6758bf6366bfc2d1141bd19e8fa6cab switchz.FCStd
48ec1c600e05072ef5ec4fce24b51e80785faef6ee19470c4b39b87f7fd2780b ztableM5.FCStd
6454ae55511edd8cf1080c62ceea38e999f222d9869b829196c177b7a26cfeaa guide.stl
becbfae79c41641d9d4e73add713b65d72d2b5dadcc8d9d580645f6df23a9ed2 switchz.stl
e37414490393451e68eb98f55a5f593cce6839e8a3ce819567d3333178f940b5 ztableM5.stl

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