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Creepy Halloween Spiders

Happy Halloween!

Here's a simple tweakable OpenSCAD script that can produce a variety of spider shapes. The spider is designed to be easily printed flat, and then the legs can be heated and bent into more interesting poses. Even flat these spiders make a great decoration for any occasion!

*Special thanks to co-designer Marlo-Ann for help and inspiration!


You should find these spiders very quick and easy to print. The medium sized spider prints in under 15 minutes! Once a spider has finished printing remove it from the build plate and use a heat-gun, lightbulb, or other heat source to soften leg joints and pose them. (Posing the legs makes them appear extra big and creepy!)

You can use the included STLs or edit the spiders.scad file to produce a spider more to your liking! By default the spider is asymmetrical with a slightly raised abdomen (an aggressive posture).

There are a few explicit parameters you can change right away. For example spider(fat=true); will produce a spider with thicker legs more suited for printing at smaller sizes, while spider(elbow=[25,25]); makes a spider with more bent joints. Other possible adjustments should be apparent in the source code.

We printed these in glowing PLA and they look great, as you can see!

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