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Tower for print tests

No rocket science here!

I wanted to print a labeled / graduated cylinder to test filaments on various temperatures / speed / ...

Sharing in case you need something similar.

I wanted to print my walls in 2 passes, and I had to play a bit to get Cura just doing that.
The following is working for me:

- Wall thickness of the model: 0.6mm

- Wall thickness in Cura: 0.4mm

- Nozzle: 0.4mm (actual size)

I am posting

- the OpenSCAD source

- the STL file

- the GCode for UM Original, which prints the tower from 225°C to 195°C (as illustrated)

Obviously if you stat from the OpenSCAD or STL file you will have to play with the TweakAtZ Cura plugin to get what you want. By default each layer is 10mm high

Note that I always print 2 towers at a time, it is better for cooling and see if you have stringing, ...

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