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CD Hub Clamp

This 2-part hub mounts a standard CD or DVD on a 5 mm shaft. 3- and 4-spoke version in STL, and OpenSCAD file included in case you want a different diameter, change number of spokes, etc. File is tuned for my printer (Ultimaker 2) and likely needs adjustment for other printers if you want a tight fit. I also used some superglue.

Why do this? I am using a DVD just as a round shape, mounted on a stepper motor shaft, with an optical mouse looking at a strip of paper wrapped around the rim as a shaft encoder. This is to measure the rotation angle, to calibrate a microstepping driver. The python code to read data from a USB mouse is also included (on Debian Linux, anyway). My mouse has some drift over time, so this isn't a good absolute angle encoder, but good enough for what I wanted.

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