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Launchable Model Rocket

This is a launchable model rocket that comes in 3 printed parts: nose cone, mid-section, and lower-section. Printed on an Ultimaker 2 using PLA. Launched with Estes A8-3 rockets. Flies super-high and super-straight!

Included are 3 STL files (one for each rocket section), and the original design file in SketchUp.

Print all parts on highest quality resolution. You can print without supports. Print the mid-section and lower-section upside-down. You may need to sand some parts to fit together, snuggly.

For the parachute recovery system, make your own. Use a long rubber band as the shock cord. Cut out a parachute shape (circle or hexagon) from a heavy duty plastic garbage bag. Tie kite strings of equal length to holes punched into the parachute.

Snake the rubber band through the radial support structure inside the mid-section, loop it around the structure, and tie it off. (You may want to use a little hot glue to make sure it doesn't unknot.) Tie the other end around the radial structure of the nose cone. Lastly, tie the parachute cords around the radial structure of the nose cone.

After securing the parachute to the rocket, use a little acrylic glue to cement the mid-section to lower-section.

Slide a rocket engine into the bottom of the lower-section leaving a quarter of an inch exposed. Sand the inside a little bit if the engine doesn't slide in. The fit should be snug, not tight. It should slide out with some effort. Follow model rocketry techniques to launch and recover.

Have fun!

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