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Micro Mesh Pad Holder

This is a modular holder design for a full sets of
* Micro Mesh mini sanding pads,
* Micro Mesh Mini MX (down to 150MX),
* Micro Mesh regular sanding pads,
* 2x2 bottles of Mr.Putty filler with brushes
to let them dry and keep them sorted, organized and even comparable between MX and MM pads!

This keeps the tools for post-processing 3D prints organized.
The pads and brushes dry well, are sorted in order of grain and don't leave everything on your table dirty with fine dust.

Make all the parts you need and simply lock them into each other.
The keys are designed with +0.5mm allowance in each direction. So they do have a tiny wiggle room. This is intentional as not all printers out there have perfect dimensional accuracy.
The symbols mark roughly equivalent values for standard and MX pads for easy reference. MX pads are made of a harder material, so the numbers cannot be compared.

The Geomagic/Alibre files are parametric, so you can adapt the sizes to other bottle sizes or make modules for holding an airbrush or an array of sanding linen or -paper.

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