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DIN Rail Mounted Open Top Storage Bins

These bins are the first in a series of a modular storage system that I am designing around 35MM Type O DIN Rail. DIN Rail is widely available and comes in many different materials and finishes, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel. Depending on what material and finish you select it can be had for around $2-$4 a meter and can be found at most industrial supply stores and online. You can find additional information about DIN Rail

These bins are open top and simply snap on to the din rail. They require some cleanup after printing to remove the built-in supports at the ends and some cases the middle of the mounting area.

The bins have a slot on the front that accepts a 30mm x 15mm tag for labeling.

The bins were designed in Creo (Pro/Engineer) and the master files are included as a .zip file.

Additional bin designs will be coming soon as well as a tool storage system.

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