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Ultimaker Original side enclosure mount

As I mounted my new fan duct made of aluminum sheet metal onto my
Ultimaker, I found the chance of closing the sides of it with simply
adding two sheets of acrylic.

BUT: How to mount...?? Screw?? No... Glue? No... Magnets? YEEEAAAA

So I designed this simple brackets to glue in the edges of the plywood
frame. Each of it holds a small D=3mm s=1mm neodym magnet in place while a
counter magnet is glued onto the acrylic window.


- Buy small 3mm diameter, 1mm high neodym magnets at ebay. While waiting to arrive...
- Cut two sheets of acrylic to fit into the frame
- Print two sets of the mounting brackets
- Push the magnets (as they arrived) into the hole in the print (a bit tight, so push hard...)
- Put the counter magnet in it's place on top of the other, it should be well aligned with the surface of the bracket
- Glue the brackets in each corner of the frame
- Put a small amount of cyan acrylate onto each magnet
- Place the windows in its place and wait until the CA is hard
- Enjoy a closed UMO :-)

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