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"Print it Forward" Printrbot Original Maker Club Collaboration Project

Our High School Maker Club came up with a plan to "print it forward" by partnering with local schools to meet up and build a 3D printer that they can keep. We also teach students how to operate and maintain it as well as how to create their own designs in CAD.

Our Maker Club is continually updating this project here:

Photos new and build instructions are on their way to match the most recent files.

As an intro to 3D printing this bot can print its own optional upgrades:

Upgrade: Y Belt Tensioner:

Upgrade: Z Axis Stabilizer:

Optional: Pen Plotter Adapter:

Optiona for Super-Users : Paste Extruder:

The PRINTRBOT ORIGINAL is a marvel in 3D printing quality and minimalism. Check it out: We started this project on the 3rd anniversary of the original Kickstarter campaign.

As a classroom teacher I am moderating this space. All comments and suggestions are welcome, I will post student development , students are welcome to create an account and jump in too.

We will put a bill of materials and build video together shortly

Source files and remixes we used:

Original Printrbot Design Source for all files:

Support Leg:

We Remixed to make a Z motor base - mounted on opposite side of Z motor for wider stance.

Printrboard Mount:

Y Bar Ends:

Upgraded Bases:

Your email is used to contact you if we need more information.

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