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Blizzard of Customizable, Mailable Snowflake Ornaments with Kickstarter

Snowflakes are unique. Now so are snowflake ornaments! So why print one ornament when you can have a Blizzard!

I'm making a unique line of 2014 Kickstarter snowflakes. If you'd like to back the project, see .

This Thing is customizable and can generate:
- Snowball ornaments, an arrangement of three intersecting snowflakes to print and hang.
- Snowflake ornaments, flat snowflakes to hang.
- Snowflakes, perfect for scattering around for decoration.

Prints quickly and easily out of PLA, for ecologically friendly snowflake ornaments!

I'm printing and mailing them to my friends and relatives for Xmas. They're specifically designed to be mailable flat, then (for the 'snowballs') assembled by the recipient. Print the snowball assembly instructions at 

and send them to your recipient.

The ornaments aren't going to blow off your tree. It was blowing up a storm, and as you can see the clips held just fine.

I created these because, between the wind and the temperature, these are the only interesting snowflakes we're going to see here in Florida.

I've uploaded some sample snowflakes as STLs for your printing enjoyment.

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