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Voronoi Bottle Holder

I wanted to accomplish two things with this project: Learn how to make a voronoi patterned thing and make a bottle holder for a gym machine that lacked one. I found that the cup was pretty versatile, though, and could be used for several things, including a simple pen holder, so I've actually printed quite a few of these. The only one I haven't printed is the one that doesn't have a flat bottom so I don't know if that one can be printed successfully or not.

There are a lot of files, but you don't need them all to make something.

A simple stuff holder for a gym machine: stuff holder.stl, extension.stl (not necessary - just adds a small bit of extra length if you need it), back for thin hook.stl, thin hook.stl
A voronoi bottle holder for gym machine: extension.stl if you need it, thick hook.stl, back for thick hook.stl, cup without bottom and no support.stl, extension for cup.stl
A bicycle bottle holder: cup with bicycle mount holes.stl
A lamp: cup with support.stl

The "cup with support.stl" was actually my attempt to make this printable without heavy support, but this produced something with support that couldn't be removed. It makes a pretty lamp, though, so a lamp it is.

The cup (any version) can be printed without support. It will only sag a little bit (hardly noticeable). I never did make another version with supports because in the end, I was actually reasonably satisfied with the unsupported prints. Picky people may want supports, though.  I've shown this print at a presentation and only the pickiest of people with previous design experience really cared about the droopiness, but when I explained that it was printed without support, they suddenly became very happy.

THE CUPS TAKE SEVERAL HOURS TO PRINT. Also, be careful of your choice of materials if you intend to actually use the print to hold a filled water bottle. Make sure you use a strong plastic (i.e. don't use one that has been weakened by whatever dye was put in it). The green one I have in the pictures broke at the hook but I made a replacement black one that has been holding up well and the only difference is the dye. The green one is glow-in-the-dark. Don't use that. The one on the bicycle is also glow-in-the-dark but it doesn't have a hook that has to experience the same forces as the one that broke, so it has held up well.

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