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What can print on architecture scale like the Kamermaker, but in very high detail... What if you don’t use one printing nozzle at the time, but 9 simultaneously .. Make high
detailed and high speed XXL 3D prints by combining (multiple) accurate Ultimaker systems.
What is needed hardware wise? And what are the software implications?

Five TUDelft students, in collaboration with Joris van Tubergen, explored the possibilities
of combining multiple ultimakers to create a bigger platform to print
on. In order to prove the concept of this, the goal was to connect two
ultimakers with a movable platform. The two nozzles printed the parts of
the first line which they could reach. After they finished the table
would move making it possible to print the rest of the first layer.
After both nozzles were ready the table moved down in the z-direction
and the new layer could be printed.
It took four weeks to realize this goal. There were some problems letting
the ultimakers communicate with one another and they had to wait for
each other before lowering the z-as platform.

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