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Printing in 3 dimensions, finally...

First of all thanks to erik, jelle, hendrik and jeremie. I am not a programmer, so without there help there help this was never happened.

With my very limited knowledge of php i used Eriks script to postprocess gcode, changed it and it did fit my needs. But.... Cura supports a really nice feature called plugins, so if i was able to make a python script i could insert it in Cura as well.

Place the skew and wave script in the cura plugin folder. Start Cura. Then you see the plugins and you have several options. You can run the script also stand alone on the command line with the options

Maybe important notice: the stl file of the cup is pretty low res, that would mean not so many 'points', to make sure you will have enough point, change the value in [somewhere hidden in the skeinforge/cura folder system] maxDistancePerMove to '1' or whatevere value you like. This chops all gcode longer than 1mm.

CAUTION: i am not a programmer...!!!! if you are, please check the script and make it better..!!

UPDATE: made a movie

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