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Diamond Tree

A super easy and fast tree to print if you just use these settings

Single wall print
Thickness: 0.8mm
Nozzle: 0.4mm
Fill: 0%
Temperature: 220
Speed: 30mm/s
Bottom/Top Thickness: 0mm
Use Spiral function if available

Here is the trick to get a nice clean top of the tree.
Tweak settings for the last 10mm of your print by using the tweak at z pugin in CURA (oh how I love CURA!!)

Speed 50% of original speed (15mm/s)
Lower the temp with 10 degrees to 210
decrease the flow by 10% to 90% of original flow

If you don't alter these settings, most of the time the top of the tree will droop down/inside.

Enjoy your print and merry Christmas!!

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