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UltiDrawer for Ultimaker Original


This is a design for a base for the Ultimaker Original which contains a drawer for storing accessories.

It is made of plywood and fit´s to the design and assambles the same way as the UMO. The base frame consists of 6mm ply and is assambled via the M3 nuts and screws. The curve on top reserves space for the z-axis stepper.

The drawer unit consists of 4mm ply and is assambled via glueing the parts together as well as gluing it to the drawer front. It is shorter than the base to reserve space for the z-axis stepper and add. electronics e.g. relais for heated bed.

To assist in assambly, the attached picture contains a description where the parts should be located (bottom/top/left/...).

There is no handle included nor mountings for it planned as it can be choosen individually...

It is not tested as up to now I had no possibility to laser it...

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