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Doodle3D Tower

Rick [Doodle3D] and me wanted to make an autonomous 3D print installation for children. To make it a bit more fun we stacked the 3D printers a bit angled.

When printing we didn't print on the blue tape. We used paper sheets [200 grams] and 'just glued them with Glue stick on the platform or clamped them with a paper clamp. The instructions are printed on the sheets.

Laser cut the design and put it together like an Ultimaker original.
Place the the ipads under the would and mount them with rubber bands [used for tents]
Place the safety feeder gear wheel discs
Take a few steps back and watch children [and adults] having lots of fun.

To make the tower more stable it is fixed to a sheet of fake grass. This also keeps the adults on a distance and the children could sit on the floor.

The electronics and chargers are all hided in the bottom and the power cord is hidden under the 'grass'. To make it extra stable, the tower is fixed on the carpet with an extra piece of would and bolts [this is optional].

When working with kids there are 2 [a little] dangerous parts on an Ultimaker. The hot end and the feeder mechanism gears. You can cover the hotend, but then you don't see how it works and in my opinion that is less fun. For the feeder gear i printed a safety disc so small fingers cannot catch between the gears.

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