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Super Secret Crackers 2014

We've created three extra special designs that join our 2013 Super Secret Cracker collection (

As before, the crackers print with a hidden gift inside that's only revealed when you snap the cracker in half. We think these are our best designs yet. Can you guess what’s in the crackers? No peeking now...

New Super Secret Crackers is our little gift to you this season. Make Merry and have a wonderful holiday. x

We've created a 'Starter Test Kit' to help tune in your machine before going for the full build. You might want to check your bed adhesion, bridging, retraction and slicing for fine features.

Print at ~0.2mm layer height, 2x shells (/perimeters) and ~5% infill. Each cracker requires ~34g of material (~4m of 3mm / ~12m of 1.75mm filament). Printed in gorgeous Faberdashery Pearly White combined with Smoky Black, Dark Sapphire & Glacial Blue. The translucent PLA gives a nice hint at the contents :)

The Crackers need to be gently eased off the build plate to save them breaking too early and spoiling the surprise. We suggest carefully removing the finished Cracker with Mole Grips (or equivalent) at the base. For the ultimate festive finish print in two colours, changing filament at 30mm and 70mm layers (Use Z-Pause if your machine supports it).

There are three different surprises in each cracker, that all print-in-place. Once you've pulled your crackers you can turn the ends around, string them together through the special holes and hang on your tree as a cracker decoration!

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