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Quick Fill 'n Pour 3

I use it to fill the PET bottle from the water of my water filtre and then pour the water into the coffee machine. 

You could also use it to water your plants, when they only require a gentle stream of water.

The object is designed to print with a filament printer and no support material. :-)

How to build:

1. Print the object ( for me: Medium resolution in CURA on my UM2 was fine It took about 3h)

2. Take the hose and push it into the PET bottle until it reaches the bottom.

3. Cut the hose at the top end, where it leaves the bottle. You may experiment with the length later. Rather leave it a bit to long.

4. Heat up the upper end of the hose with a hair-dryer. About 1-2 minutes will do. Widen the hose a tiny bit (I used the bottom end of a toothbrush) and while the hose is still warm, gently push it onto the funnel.

5. Screw the funnel onto the PET bottle.

6. Fill 'n Pour !

Update V3: Pouring is faster and the little sip of water from the hose, now pours more controlled.

I leave the version 2 here as well, if you prefer a gentle stream.

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