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Spool Holders

This is my spool holder that I designed a while back. I originally uploaded them to Repables after the Thingiverse Fiasco. I just recently updated the design for a bearing version. Both the Bearing and Non-Bearing versions work great. The mount is designed so the hub section can be quickly changed for various spool inside dimensions.

For the bearing version you will need:

Qty:1 - 8mm x 45mm bolt

Qty:1 - 8mm nylock nut

Qty:1 - 8mm fender washer

Qty:2 - 608 skate bearing

Note: 5/16-1.75" bolt/nut can be substituted for 8mm-45mm bolt/nut if desired.

STL and Solidworks fIles availible (solidworks is inside the 7zip)

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