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Sli3DR plus Ultimaker

Last updated on 2015-05-13

After long delay, I have done some updates on current design and uploaded SKP file as v1.1 Changes includes:
- Bed plate thickness now is 3mm in place of 4mm. I have tried 3mm aluminum plate and it's stiff enough to hold heavy objects on it.
- Top plate thickness now is 3mm in place of 4mm.
- Y rail holders changed. Previously it was fastened to the top plate, now it fastens to aluminum profile. It allows us to adjust Y rail up and down in each corner.
- The carriage now is cut too in place of printed part. I did that because for me it's easier to cut part than print (in matters of time), but old carriage is still fully compatible, so its's after you which one you will choose.

More update is comming soon.

Update on 2015-03-01

Incredible results! I have built Z axis and did a test how much capable to move Z axis is. It moves 2.6kg w/o any issues. Take a look:

Please note, this is a work in progress and not final design.

Project on GitHub:

Purpose of this rework

- To make a whole bed (20x20cm) usable

- Change spectra and geared motor powered Z-axis to trapezoidal screw and non-geared stepper.

- Make it look even better!  

Current modifications:

- Z axis modified by Ultimaker design using trapezoidal 10mm lead screw and derlin nut plus two 10mm smooth rods.

- Top of the printer changed to support point 1 and also material chosen aluminum sheet in place of printed parts.

- Use full heated bed making printing volume 200x200mm. Done.

- Place homing switches. Done.

- Dress up in Ultimaker2 style. Done.

Updated on 2015-01-18

- Reworked Z axis end stopper. Now, I think, it looks better.

- I plan to unsolder Full Graphic LCD controller, it will allow better integrate screen and controls into design.

- Some minor rework.

Updated on 2015-02-01

- Design made with unsoldered Full Graphics LCD controller.

- Finished detailed project. Everything to the last screw and hole should be in place.

- Prepared BOM.

- Now it uses same extruder and spool design as Ultimaker2 has. I think to use extruder design from here:

Updated on 2014-02-21

- Today I'll start building my printer in real. Initial plan is to have Z-axis moving. So I need electronics in place too.

- All parts to cut and to print are added to GitHub. Please check a link in top of this page.

- Pictures will come soon!

Final plan:

- Add attribute "WhereToGetUrl" to the model. In progress.


Sli3DR by RichRap

Ultimaker2 by Ultimaker

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