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Car Cup Holder

I made this design in blender without any specific car in mind. But it should easily fit somewhere in your car or anywhere else you like. I attach the blender file as well, so you may change the proportions and shape to your own will. Maybe add another clip or whatever ... Feel free, it took less than half an hour to design and less than 2 hours to print!

The bottom lashes take only the first layer and are there for you to cover them with tape to avoid the material from lifting up. I did my print by first applying some spray-glue on the tape of the heated-bed and then after the first layer I additionally covered the lashes with tape. Then I raised the printing speed to 300% in Repetierhost. For the first layer and startup I use only 50% or maybe up to 100%, depending on how well the calibration was done.

Material: PLA
Heatbed-Temperature: 75° C (may be lowered towards the end)
Extruder: 200° C
Resolution: 200 microns
No support needed.

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