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Stackable Box System for Screws and Nuts

Intend to organize screws. Take 1-2-3 through the front or dump out a Hand full on the back of the box...
Box on pics is filled with 500 Screws M3x12mm.
i have to replace the wall in the middle for nuts, spacers and longer/bigger screws. will upload some more boxes wich fit in the System soon...
the stand has holes for wallmount, but this Version is not stiff enough to hold more than 1-2 boxes if filled with heavy stuff like screws. update for wallmount with stiffer design also comming soon...

i´ve added small boxes with 2 and 3mm Slots V2. (removed 2-7mm boxes from yesterday cuz they didn´t fit exactly at the back and need Support for the slot)
This versions are good for M3 Spacers and M3 Nuts.

Added: V2 of 4, 5, 6 and 7mm Sloted Boxes and the more stable wallmount Version of the stand. (not printed yet but slices nice in slic3r)
Added: Box Big Version
Added: Stand_Wallmount_Duo.stl <- Stand for 2 boxes, rigid, wallmountable and with holes (2xM3) to connect more Units in a row.
Added: Light Version of the dual stand, use it if you dont need wallmount and reduce print time/material
Added: ‘Box_very_small.stl’ and ‘Box_very_small_nose.stl’
Added: "Box1_with_label_insert.stl" and "Box_BIG_with_label_insert.stl"
Made for 20x40mm Paper Labels

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