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a bunch of 2020 Misumi Cable Clips

Cable Clips for 2020 extrusion, also for extrusion wich are half closed (with 2 instead of 4 Slots, watch the pics)
printed and tested in ABS only so far.
will add a few more soon...


  1. outer Corner with and without slot
  2. inner Corner without Slot
  3. 2020_Clip_1xM3.stl
  4. 2020_Clip_1xM3_90grad.stl
  5. 2020_Clip_1xM3_45grad_A
  6. 2020_Clip_1xM3_45grad_B
  7. 2020_Clip_1xM3_45grad_C
  8. 2020_Clip_1xM3_8mm_Clamp.stl
  9. 2020_100mm_kabelkanal.stl
  10. 2020_T8mm_Flat_Cable_4mm.stl
  11. 2020_T8mm_Flat_Cable_6mm.stl
    added a few new...
    plz upload pics if you print some :)

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