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MAD rabbit - iPhone Car Holder

Version 2.0 is here with 10% less plastic, screw-on heads and stronger body !!  


- Easily drop in your phone even when connected to the power cable.  

- Interchangeable parts for different cup holder's sizes and phones.  

- Two point grip so it stays firmly put inside the cup holder.  

- Designed to print with no support structures.  

- No glue, screw-on head and snap on arms.    

- Mad rabbit's eyes channel the sound coming from the iPhone to the front.  

- The phone stays well balanced inside Mad rabbit even when placed on a table.


There are 3 main parts: HEAD, BODY and ARMS  

- HEAD: Designed to fit your phone with a light case (incipio, apple silicone case, etc). There are 3 head sizes: iPhone 5, 6 and 6plus. Print the right one for your phone.  

- BODY: Screw with the HEAD of your choice.  

- ARMS: Fit the ARMS through the bottom of the body and press the collar so it locks in over the first ring on the BODY.  Designed for a 8cm diameter cup holder (mini cooper, fiat 500).  

Note: I designed the ARMS's diameter for my car, if you want me to make a version for your own car just ask :) just remember to send me the diameter of the cup holder in centimetres.  

TIP:  You can stick strips of blue masking tape on the inside of the phone holder (bunny ears) so that they provide additional grip and protection for your phone.

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