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Garmin Forerunner Wristband Extension

I recently bought a Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS watch. Great watch, but the wristband was just a little too small for my wrist. Since they only have 1 size I decided to make an extension element of about 10 mm.

For my wrist 2 extension elements are plenty to securely fit the watch onto my wrist now.

To fit the extra elements onto the watch I bought an extra wristband and used the special bolds and nuts to that came with it to securely install the extensions.

Using the same black color PLA as the rubber wristband itself it looks as if it's a factory extension. It should fit the FR 220 as well, since they use the same size wristband.

Sketchup design is made with Sketchup Make 2014.

It was printed on a UltiMaker 1 (2011Q1 model) with all the official improvements and a heated bed with a glass sheet on top.

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