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Raspberry Pi (Model B) case with 75mm VESA mount

None of the other cases shared around the web had to offer exactly what I wanted so I decided to design my own. This was a ground up design, but I have to give credit where credit is due. A lot of design cues and dimensions were borrowed from this case...

This Raspberry Pi (Model B) case has a few key features that I wanted...

-Access slot for Pi camera
-Screw together design
-Screw mount raspberry pi to case using standard mounting holes
-Built in 75mm VESA mounting tabs.
-Better general fit between components and clearances to all inputs/outputs
-Rotary engine (reuleaux triangle) vent design

Also, the case is designed to use a flush mount microSD card. I use this one and it doesn't stick outside the case at all.

If anyone finds any problems (dimensionally or otherwise) post them up so I can get the model fixed. So far I found heard that it should be scaled up by 0.5% by a few people.

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