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Flexible iphone wallet covers

These iphone wallets were design with multi function purpose in mind. The case acts as a proctective cover, a wallet, a card holder and a iphone stand.

We used flexible PLA to print the wallets. Users have the option to download the ultimaker logo wallet or a blank wallet where they can customise by adding their own logo or text. Both iphone 5 and Iphone 6 sized covers are available for download.

In order to print in multi color, you will need to set up the plugin "pause at height" in the plugin tab of cura.

Set the height at 1mm and we recommend setting Head Park in both X and Y at 0.

Once it prints and pauses at 1mm take out the existing filament and replace it with another color of your choice. We recommend recreus's Filaflex for an amazing variety of flexible PLA colors Plus it is super flexible, elastic and soft.

tips on printing in flexible pla

Recommended Speed 15mm/s

Recommended resolution to 0.15mm

Recommended infill at 100%

use superglue to fold in and glue the tabs to hold the money/cards of the wallet. (make sure you do it without the iphone to prevent any residue falling on your lovely phone.)

We use microsuction adhesive to stick the rear of the phone to the section of the wallet.

Your email is used to contact you if we need more information.

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