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Spiral Staircase

Very basic OpenSCAD script that uses a DXF base to generate a spiral staircase pattern. Set the stairHeight and stairSize variables to customize it.


stairSize: Degree of rotation between steps. Larger values mean larger step surface. Values over 90 will cause the steps to separate, making a blade or auger shape.

stairHeight: Thickness of each step (x axis)


1. Download & extract
2. Open stairs.scad and customize your variables
3. To edit the extruded shape, open semicircle.inkscape.svg in Inkscape and edit it, then re-export to the OpenSCAD DXF format as semicircle.scad.dxf.
4. The stairs may not look manifold, but they will export as STL and slice with Cura just fine, but I don't think you can print them without support.

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