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Iron Man Arc Reactor

I was asked to upload these files, so here they are:)

I recommend to first put the 10 coils on the Led_ring with whatever kind of wire you want. Maybe even glue them on. After that put the leds in the Led_ring, then put the Disk over the the LEDs, and solder the resistors to the LEDs. After this you can put the LEDs into Led_core and glue this to the Disk.

From now on assembly should be straight forward, with the use of superglue you should be able to complete the model!

For a cool 'Afterglow' effect, Print the Led_ring, Disk and  Led_core with glow-in-the-dark plastic.

There's space for a 9 volt battery block in the Lower_frame. I use it with a 9 volt wall adapter, because i use it as a night light!

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